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Holding Space for the Sacred

I've just come back from one of those New Age Retreat thingies, my counterbalance to working as a sensible practical nurse in the outback, and I enjoyed this one far more than others I have been to in the past. It was run by incredibly interesting and caring people, and the general level of respect and thoughtful insightful interaction there was a true blessing. ...and I heard a new term there that has really got me thinking. It's the concept of " Holding Space" for something. It's used more and more within healing and counseling circles, to explain the idea of being present and caringly witnessing someone elses pain. Being there, supportive, so that they can feel safe to let go, to release what they are holding onto, to go through their own healing journey....a formalized version of "I've got your back!" maybe.... Yeah I know...sounds incredibly deep and fluffy meaningful dunnit. But there is some real merit to it. The idea behind it is one o