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Yesterday was my 50th birthday... And it was pretty bad, (My facebook page doesn't have my real birthdate on it, in case your wondering why you didn't see it....) Its such a weird thing this facebook...millions of people reaching out to connect and posting about their daily lives to do so...yet what we share is such a filtered edited version of what we really feel and think. Happy bright photos of accomplishments, anniversary presents from caring spouses, clever things our kids have done and for the main part, the only dark bits we share are of wars in Syria and political disasters. Pain a few times removed from the personal. Facebook, the ultimate social network, is ironically full of clever memes about the importance of learning to love yourself and your own company.  And personally, I think it's a crock of shit. I've been posting about my wonderful adventures as a traveling perfumer and artist for months...and it dawned on my last night that I've