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On the other side of the medical divide

Well, it's been an interesting 2 least I think it's been two weeks, I'm sorta losing all sense of time and space.... Dan has been through two bouts of massive bleeding from esophageal varicees, both of which should have killed him. 17 units of blood, more of FFP and platelets, induced coma and intubation in ICU, balloons inflated in his esophagus to attempt to stop the bleeding which were almost as life threatening as the bleeding itself....And then as the girls leave to go home for a break, he sits up (sedated and intubated) and struggles to call out and reach them with his they take out the tubes and the balloons, thinking he'll probably now just bleed to death...but the bleeding stops. And he starts breathing on his own. And bites his teeth together when the nurse tries to suction his mouth out and says loudly "No!" So he is now on a medical ward, confused and drowsy, surrounded round the clock by the women who love him. His step da