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Trying to organise my website

Ive been fiddling with my website this morning, trying to make it a better reflection of who I am... and it's been quite challenging.... I just do too many things.... I have been told so many times by advertising and marketing people that I need to develop a clear brand..but I keep on hopping around changing what I do, playing around with new techniques and skills and developing new kinds of art work... And I'm buggered if I know how to succinctly market myself on one website. My workshop at home is like that: I have shelves full of gear for such a variety of different art forms, clay supplies, every kind of paint you could imagine, beads, felting wool, goddess knows how many paints and inks...and then theres the perfumery...boxes and boxes of oils and extracts, bottles, cards and packaging materials.... Last time I moved was a nightmare...packing up the house was bad enough, but the studio....oh my.  I am:  A visual artist .....who paints in watercolour, acrylic and