The Quest for Happiness

I've been thinking about it a lot lately...
partly I suppose because I'm not very...
My youngest has moved out a week ago, and to my surprise, I'm not happy.
For 25 years I've looked foward to having my freedom back, no more sleepless nights, endless interruptions that stop me from creating the worlds missing masterpiece, the simple joys of sitting on the toilet without being disturbed...
And now I've got it.
And I'm feeling a tad lost.

Suddenly I am facing the fact that I can do anything I want...
Only problem is, I have no idea really what I want to do!
Part of this is I think simply because for the last 25 years, I HAD to do things. Get up in the middle of the night and feed the baby, feed them, cloth them, stop them from poking snakes...and then get up and go to work to pay the bills and out food on the table.
Now suddenly, I don't.
Going away on adventures in the outback was wonderful when I was "getting away" for a bit...but now that I don't really have anything to come back to, I don't for the life of me really know where I want to go...

And it's got me wondering...
You hear a lot about the pursuit of Happiness. Everyone wants to be happy, don't they?
But what is it exactly that makes us happy?

Great Sex?

Probably all of the above and more...
But the other weird thing is that it's actually a lot easier to know what you don't want, than to work out what you actually do.....


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